Promoting Secularism in NSW

We recognise that the right to freedom of religion or belief entails state neutrality in matters of religion. That is, the people should enjoy both freedom of religious belief and practice and freedom from imposed religious doctrine and practice.

Recognition of both the freedom to hold or practice a religion or belief, and freedom from the imposition of religious ideas and practices on others thus raises the need for a secular state; a clear and effective separation of religious influence on state activity, often called ‘separation of church and state’.

We hold that Australia is currently a ‘soft theocracy’; that is, the state favours religious institutions through taxpayer-funded grants, tax exemptions, as well as exceptions to discrimination law, and religious influence in law-making.

Freethought Bookshop

We are located at Humanist House, 10 Shepherd St, Chippendale, Sydney, just off Broadway/Parramatta Rd, near Sydney University.

Opening times:
Wednesday, 3pm-6pm
Saturday, 11am-3pm
… or when our street sign is visible on the footpath.

The Bookshop is part of The Secular Association of NSW, formerly The Rationalist Association of NSW, dating from 1912.

We sell freethought books critical of religion; history; poetry; large coffee table books, classical fiction and 100s of novels.

The Bookshop is near a hotel, a wine bar, and cafés.

Queries: text Steve on 0404 009 294.

Drop in anytime we are open. We are always on the look-out for pre-loved books.

red mass protest

Members of Care Leavers of Australia Network protest against the Red Mass outside the Catholic Cathedral in Melbourne 2021. The Red Mass is a religious ritual held each year to bless the start of the legal year. It is attended by many judges, barristers and other legal officers, many wearing wigs and gowns.

Max Wallace

Soft Theocracy

Max Wallace

Atheist Convention

National Secular Lobby

29 April 2019

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