Articles: Church & State

Church & State in Former Bristish Colonies of NZ, Australia, Canada & Fiji

Although no longer colonies of the British Government, these countries are still part of the British government, with the British monarch (supreme governor of the Church of England) as head of state, and with constitutional arrangements defined by their colonial status. Thus, the very idea of separation is defined out of existence.

Protected: Dear Prime Minister, You Need to do Your Research

Secularism is NOT a belief like any other religious or non-religious life-stance. It is a political process. It is not a belief: it is the right to have or not to have one. The concept has been wrongly equated with atheism.

The Un Human Rights Council: How Effective is it?

Although seemingly committed to the concepts of equality, individual freedom and the rule of law, states with atrocious human rights records have secured membership and great influence on the Council, established to "uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights".

Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Supports Appeal from Doctor’s Suspension for Statements of ‘Violence’

The ACL demands that Christians can throw the integrity of their profession into doubt, be it medicine or sport, by ignoring the effects of this vitriol on both other members of their profession and the this content with your own.