Articles: Schools and Religion

Separation of Church and State Necessary to Counter Religious Extremisim

The United Nations' Special Rapporteur Karima Bennoune has recommended that states provide for the separation of religion and state to help counter religious extremism. Her report on  protecting cultural rights, for the UN Human Rights Council, warned of "rising tides of fundamentalism and extremism" that "represent major threats to human rights worldwide".

Rich enough? Do church schools really need government money?

Religious organisations are classified as 'charities' in Australia, whether they engage in charitable works or not. This means they are automatically tax-exempt, in both their religious and commercial activities. Is it possible that the revenue of the tax-exempt churches that stand behind religiously based schools, together with the revenue of these tax-exempt schools, is more than enough to fund them?

Media Release: States Should Follow ACT’s Lead and Ban Religious Chaplains in Public Schools

PRESS RELEASE: NSW Rationalist Association refutes claims that chaplains do not foster their religious beliefs.